The Red Studio offers full creative services to both local and international clients across a range of industries. Working on projects from simple identity to full strategic branding and everything in between, The Red Studio handles concepts, designs, art and creative direction across Design, Print, Digital marketing and Web. We are a design studio with a passion for collaborating and for taking on initiatives that blend cultural awareness, art and humanity to advance society and business alike.

We are committed to meaningful collaboration, and we seek out clients who, like us, have a genuine passion for what they do. We understand that there is so much stress involved with either starting a business, rebranding a business, or owning a business. The last thing you should have to think about is branding your business yourself.

Brands including yours need to make those moments count. Our design team makes sure you stand out in a way that represents what you do and connects with your customers. We look at lots of different things including how the brand interacts, what users expect, and then we design something unexpected. After all, your brand should set you apart, not make you the same.

Our team members are experienced professionals who focus on all details of their disciplines while paying attention to the bigger creative picture and a projects overall strategic goal.

This enables us to bring you the highest quality work to make your business stand out.

We are a process-driven Studio that believes the best work is led by research and strategy, which in turn fosters creativity and design. We create beautiful work that is unique, practical, and most importantly, used by businesses and people everyday.

We simply love the process of creative thinking and the gratification derived from the fulfilment of customer’s needs. Our goal is to be thought-leaders and future-thinkers who use smart, creative, and strategic design solutions to connect in a meaningful way.

Megan Raath

Graphic Designer | Web Designer | Social Media

Morne Boshoff

Digital Marketer | Website Developer | Consultant