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The Red Studio Branding is dedicated to providing premium design and production to businesses to build their brands.

We turn your ideas into super-fuelled success. Work with us and we’ll show you how imaginative design, clever branding and digital magic can deliver results for your brand and business.

Through a culture of curiosity and collaboration, we ensure that we are at the forefront of creative innovation leading to long-lasting client relationships.

We define and create great brands that reflect who you are and connect you with your ideal customer.

We take the time to understand your business and then we use our strategic, creative and digital brilliance to help you get where you want to be.

We understand how valuable an asset a brand can be and our mission is to make brand change as simple and seamless as possible. Our well proven process considers each decision to change regardless of how big or small. Making sure change is happening for the right reasons in order to minimise the risk and maximise the value gained.


Do you find yourself:

*Battling to compete in your industry against large-scale professional brands because you don’t look or feel professional enough

*Not really knowing your brand’s true identity and who exactly your brand serves?

*Attracting the wrong kinds of clients?

*Wondering if branding is really only reserved for huge corporations and why you actually need to invest in it in the first place?


Bring focus and clarity to your organisation and stand out from the crowd.


Inspire your customers by bringing your brand’s look and language to life.


Create a compelling website that supports your brand and puts your customers’ experience first.

Our 6 Step process